Monday, January 12, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog, That is the Question!

About a month ago, my husband had brought up the idea of blogging to me. At first I was not interested and totally threw away the idea, (like I do with a lot of his suggestions but then later find out he was right). You see I am an aspiring writer and like many new writers, I was having a problem with getting out what was in my head onto paper.

So, he thought that maybe blogging may help with all those thoughts that seemed to be trapped inside my head. Maybe it would help me practice my wonderful writing skills, which are getting better with the more I write.

Once he explained blogging to me and what it would entail, I started to think it over a bit. Maybe he was right. Maybe blogging would help my situation. So that left the one question in my brain to repeat itself over and over until I listened.

To blog or not to blog.

For most people its not too hard to answer that question. But, for me it was a real dilemma. What would I blog about? Were my thoughts really worthy of blogging? Did I have any important or good tips for my readers? And would readers, such as you, really want to hear about my ideas/thoughts?

Now as I sit here at my desk, my fingers icy cold and typing away, I know the answer to that question.

Yes I think I will blog.
Thanks to my husband all of you can now read whats inside my mind.
Come along if you dare!

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Kieran said...

Awwww, I love being your husband - and I love you... even if you don't listen to me. ;-) I think we should have blogging nights where we commit to writing a post. It is too easy to slack off, and a blog isn't a blog if no one is blogging. I can just see us now, sitting side by side, fingers tap-tap-tapping. Awww, come on. It'll be fun. Everyone's doing it! =)