Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cross that off my list please!

It's winter.

I hate it.

Well, alright, maybe not hate it. Hate is such a strong word. But, winter is definitely not my favorite time of year. Sure, during the winter holidays it's nice. But, the whole rest of the season I just can't find a need for it. All it does is seem to get me down, and I find it hard to accomplish the tasks at hand.

Just the other day a co-worker recommended, once she realized how many projects I had on my plate, that I make up a goal's list. I have made goals lists in the past, never to follow through on them. But, I thought, it had been awhile since I made up a list and at least tried to follow through on it.

What harm would come from it? What would I have to lose? I hurriedly scribbled down some projects that I really wanted to work on. The list looked something like this:

Goals for week 1 (Jan. 16 through Jan. 23)

1)Drywall- Measure and cut the ledges in bedroom #2 and apply corner beading

2)My novel- rework prologue

3)Blogging- Write one blog

4)Garage- Remove 5 book boxes

There were a few other things on my list, but now that I think about it they probably really aren't list worthy, so I left them off.
Now this list is not real big, but you have to understand that I work the night shift. So I sleep all day, well most of the time. I get up about 2-3pm est. I have no little children that demand my attention. So I have the time to complete these items on my list, yet here it is Wednesday, Jan. 21 and I have only done the one now.


But, at least it is one I suppose and I can cross that off my list.

So now as I sit, still in my pj's. I am feeling a bit better about myself. Maybe winter isn't so bad? Maybe I just need to remain positive and optimistic. So what if I don't meet all of my goals. Finishing one is at least something, is it not?

And when I look back over the past 9 months and see what my husband and I have accomplished I feel satisfied. We have done a lot these past months. We moved into our house last March. The house was half finished. So we had to finish the bottom level ourselves.(I think I will save that for another blog) We put in a fairly decent sized vegetable garden. Put in a yard, it was a grade level. I worked on my novel and got the prologue and first 3 chaps done, (but I am not happy with it).
Maybe it was time for a little break. It has now been nearly 2-3 months since i have really done anything, besides blog.

But, maybe today will be the first day that we return back to our projects. Just saying that gives me hope that I will in time complete all my goals.

But, for now, at least I can say, "cross that off my list please!"

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